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Become the most powerful
woman you know.

Does this sound like you?
(Be honest…)

“I’m great at starting a new routine or habit, but I can’t seem to keep the momentum going. Eventually, the old life takes over.”

“I’m bored with my life. Going through the motions. I feel like I’m living on repeat and every day is the same old thing.”

“I’m just exhausted. I have so much on my plate, and there’s never enough time in the day to take care of myself, take a breath, let alone create a life beyond my wildest dreams. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.”

“I’m settling. I know it, and I don’t want to live like this forever. I know there’s more to life than this.”

You’re not alone.

I totally get it.

You’ve got the dream…but manifesting it is hard, right?

Here’s why…


The first step to manifesting

(that no one is teaching) isn’t that you need clarity, or desire, or passion.

I think we’re all clear that you desire more love, money, health, adventure, fill-in-the-blank with whatever your heart desires.

The real problem is

…Your Fire Flame is low.

You’re just existing-surviving-getting through.

And when your flame is low, your energy is low, your attraction vibration is low, and you stay stuck.

But what if I show you how to keep that fire in your belly lit up?

Because staying LIT is a lifestyle…a way of being…a way of moving through life in the most powerful way possible.

Ready for it?

fire tribe

Live A Fully Ignited, Wild + Free Life.

FIRE Tribe is a first-class Inner Circle for soulful women who want to live a life of power, creation, inspiration, expression, and bold truth.


  • You’ll get weekly FIRE sessions from me meant to IGNITE every part of your life.
  • A private community of magnetic women who are putting themselves out there, releasing the hard stuff and making Miracles happen
  • Bonus Challenges + Manifesting Tools + High Vibration Exercises
  • A Group Accountability Coach to help you stay committed to your larger purpose.

Manifest Like The Queen You Truly Are.

I can’t be your guru. But I can be your Spirit Guide.

What’s Inside FIRE Tribe?

Every month, you’ll get FIRE lessons (from yours truly) on…

IGNITING your purpose.
IGNITING your flow.
IGNITING your mindset.
IGNITING your love life.
IGNITING all of your relationships.
IGNITING your money.
IGNITING your wealth.
IGNITING your body.
IGNITING your adventure.
IGNITING your creativity.
IGNITING your Creation Power.
IGNITING your relationship with the Divine.

And, there’s more…

The more you play with FIRE, the more you get.

Yes, we’ve gone and done it.

Every time you play in FIRE Tribe, participate and do the lessons, you’ll earn FIRE money.

visit our fire shop and cash in

Turn it UP!

Join Fire Tribe

Choose Your Soul Adventure…

Fire Tribe ELITE Membership

+ LIVE Monthly FIRE lessons

+ Weekly FIRE sessions

+ Group Accountability Coach

+ Earn points and shop in our FIRE Shop

PLUS: You’ll get access to all of our previous training as long as you’re an Elite member

PLUS: You’ll get all of our exclusive IGNITE challenges FREE!

Monthly Membership only $99


+ FIRE Tribe is a monthly membership with Shanel Cooper-Sykes as your guide. FIRE Tribe was designed to keep you LIT UP, IGNITED and your momentum flame high.

+ Soulful, open-minded, committed women who want to live a first-class life.

+ That’s a great question! Our Elite Membership was created for women who want to go a little deeper, revisit the training from months past and get access to every single IGNITE challenge for free.

+ You know it! All it takes it playing inside FIRE. We created a proprietary system that tracks all of your positive actions and rewards you for taking action. We want you to stay LIT up and this is a fun way to reward you for doing so.

+ Once you join FIRE Tribe, you’ll get instant access to our private community. You can tune in daily, weekly and monthly on any device, anywhere in the world.

Nothing can stop you when you stay LIT up.

Come live your best life.

Join FIRE Tribe Today!